March 5, 2012

Last minute voting rule clarifications

Phonecall to Clerk's Office. Kathy, who has been there for 25 years, answered our questions.

  •  Provisional ballots are no longer used. People who are not registered can not vote. People should call the city clerk's office to check registration status if they have any doubts.
  • If people have not voted for many years, their checklist status may be Inactive/Challenged. They can vote if they sign an Affirmation of Domicile/Residence (under pain of penalty for perjury) and [Board for Registration of Voters member] the WARD CLERK confirms that you are not registered elsewhere in the state. Polls have a direct link to the state registration, and/or a copy of the statewide checklist.
  • If you are registered in another ward and have moved, but did not change your address, you can not vote in the new ward. Can you vote in ward where you are registered even though you no longer live there? Not clear about this. Call the clerk's office to be sure where you can vote. Polls no longer offer provisional ballots.
  • If you registered at DMV, bring your registration paper as instructed when you registered.

 Here are the March Town Meeting election results on the city web site. Number of people voting in any one election goes up and down for many reasons but we can all see the general results. Wards 4 and 7 are in first and second place regularly, but as you can see, we switch positions. Who will have the honor of FIRST PLACE this year?

                2010       2011

Ward 1      648         426

Ward 2      506         315

Ward 3      691         592

Ward 4      1809       1194

Ward 5      1301       857

Ward 6      860         561

Ward 7      1430       1279

Ward 7 City Council

Paul Decelles