August 20, 2010

Thanks to City Councilor and CCAN

By Vincent  Dober, City Councilor - Ward 7, Heineberg Road ,
Thu, 19 August 2010

This is to address the Helen Hossley and Theresa's comments about voting at the Miller Center... both gave opposite views.

Helen and Theresa, I have done an on-line survey and I have been walking door-to-door asking this question. There is more than 80% of people I spoke to that would like the election poll, back at Hunt. Most of the 80%, were parents that wanted the change back to Hunt stating they think it's important that our youth should see, their parents / their friends parents, voting... "This is mentoring our youth"

Now to the on-line survey -- the results were 82% in favor of moving the voting poll back to Hunt. Some of the same comments expressed to me by email for the online survey were similar to the door-to-door comments. You can see the results on my webpage (upper left hand corner.. Survey Results).

I can't imagine why Helen would assume the parking problem was all due to politicians since she was inside. I can assure each of you that the politicians all parked either at their homes, as far back of the parking lot as possible or on adjacent streets on election day. I can say Paul Decellas parked at his house... I parked in front of his house and I believe Greg Jenkins was dropped off, so I don't know where that's coming from.

Parking at the Miller Center is at least half of what is at the Hunt, that is the problem. The ball park field is not available (that is private property and usually chained after baseball season and during the March election it has snow mounds blocking the entrance).

I attended the NEVIS meetings to try to induce more voting participation and this was one of the mentioned items. I personally watch voters leave in frustration and not vote. That is not acceptable!

Since I am still polling data door-to-door; I believe, I will have a resolution for Ward 7 voting to move back to Hunt Middle School this fall to take affect for March election. I hope this helps you understand what's been happening since March 2010. Next steps: 1) CREATE RESOLUTION 2) Submit to Board of Civil Authorities (City Council)

Any questions give me a call -- 865-4907. Thanks to both of you for your comments.


North End NPA Creates VOTE Banner for Polls and Parade

By Jenny Davis, CEDO - City of Burlington, College St,
Wed, 18 August 2010

Young and old alike are invited to celebrate our right to vote by joining a sidewalk parade to City Hall on August 21. The event will start at 9:30am, in the community room at the Burlington Police Dept, with the chance for everyone to create your own banner and/or sign to carry in the parade. The group will display these works of art during a celebratory parade to City Hall that will leave Battery Park at 10:30am. There will be refreshments awaiting the group at City Hall. All you need to bring is a music-maker (kazoos, drums, cymbals - anything you are able to carry during the sidewalk parade) and your enthusiasm for our right to vote. Wear your most festive red, white and blue! Parents: what a fun way to teach your kids about the election and democracy.

This event is sponsored by the city's Neighborhood Planning Assemblies, the Vermont League of Women Voters, and the Center for Community and Neighborhoods. For more info: 865-7172,

Please note that the City's Clerk-Treasurer's office is offering additional hours on August 21 from 9am - noon for anyone who wants to come and vote early for August 24 primary election.