August 22, 2010

City Hall Open for Early Voting, Saturday Aug. 21

CELEBRATE DEMOCRACY - VOTE! parade ended up at City Hall to promote early voting. The Clerk's office was open from 9-Noon, Saturday before the primary, to accommodate people who prefer voting on the weekend.

So what did the sign in front of City Hall say? It said: WARD 4 VOTE HERE on TUESDAY. What??  Is the sign telling people from Ward 4 that they can't vote at City Hall early? Or that Ward 4 is voting at City Hall on Tuesday, not at St. Mark's? Think this sign might be creating some confusion? Can the City Clerk READ?

Well, ok. We covered up the misinformation until Larry got some tape and taped white paper over WARD 4. TUEDAY was covered by one ofour signs: "YOUR VOTE COUNTS."

League of Women Voters brought their wonderful enthusiasm and dedication to voting. 
Refreshments at City Hall
The goal of the parade was to remind people to vote -- early at City Hall, and Tuesday at the polling place in their Ward. 

Tuesday, Aug 24, 
Ward 4 votes at St. Mark's Family and Youth Center!