May 9, 2010

City-wide, NPAs Are Enthusiastic About Campaign to Inspire Voters in November

At the Apr.27 meeting of City-Wide NPA steering committees representing all 7 wards in the city, everyone was enthusiastic about the idea of creating election day events that will create a festive atmosphere and motivate people to vote. The goal would be to increase turnout at the polls celebrating free democratic elections in a city known for it's political activism. Many ideas were shared, including parades, banners, community dinners, music at the polls, book and toy swaps, sales in local stores with discounts for families who show an "I Voted" sticker, free bus service for everyone, ice cream and hot chocolate. We'll be using the internet to search the world for great ideas. Secretary of State Candidates will be invited to present their ideas at a North End NPA on September 21 at the Miller Center. Election Day will be a friendly competition to see which voting districts (wards) can increase their voter stats. Each ward's turnout will be measured against their own personal best. The winner will be the City -- and that's all of us!  How's that for Win/Win all around!