April 22, 2010

Apr. 17, 2010 Miller Center

Summary of discussion: Goal is to increase voter turnout in the North End. Reviewed current checklist procedures. For many good reasons, the checklist keeps people active for years who don't vote and may have left the area. Checklist not a good measure of turnout. Could we use census data? Or just use number of voters over the last [6] elections.? How can we encourage people to vote, to engage city issues and want to get to know issues and candidates? How can we get civics back in school curriculum? People have to believe that voting makes a difference, that candidates are sincere, that the ballot box is inviolate, and that voters aren't being used by politicians who are looking out for themselves and their friends and pushing their own agenda instead of representing us. The polling place has to be both welcoming and well organized, election law scrupulously adhered to, and everything run efficiently and in a warm and welcoming manner. Everyone took away an interest they will investigate further. NPA is inviting candidates for Secretary of State to the September Assembly, asking them to speak about inspiring people to vote. We will meet again May 15, Miller, 10AM. People who are interested and have something to contribute will show up. All are welcome.