March 25, 2010

Voter Status -- depending on when the person voted last

From the city Voter Registration Office:  A voter’s status can be “Active”, “Inactive/Challenged”, or “Purged/Archived”. There are a couple of other status codes that indicate cases where we do not have complete registration information: “SSN Not Verified” and “No Oath”. (If someone in one of these statuses shows up to vote, there are provisions to allow them to do so). The law states that if someone has not voted in a certain number of elections (I’m not sure what the number is), then we must send them a “Challenge” notice telling them we will be purging them from the checklist. Those people are then placed in “Inactive/Challenged” status. If we don’t hear from the voter after a period of time (again, I don’t know what the time period is), then they are placed in “Purged/Archived” status.