March 25, 2010

Merging City and State database

We started using the State’s version of the voter checklist data about three years ago. Prior to using the state’s data, the city had it’s own checklist data. When we converted to using the state’s data, we decided to merge the data from the state into our own data tables, since most of the fields were the same. This saved us the trouble of having to make large-scale changes to the systems we use to access and report on this data. There are some fields that we used to use that the state does not use, such as phone number, notes, delete reason etc. We have a process that runs once every hour that downloads all the current data from the state and inserts it into our data tables. Where the state’s data does not have a column that matches, no data fills in, so the result is an empty column. [Dana Baron, City of Burlington.]