April 11, 2014

8 Wards, 4 Districts. New Ward 8

A new Ward 8 was created in the area of the city where growth has occurred, mainly around the university. Campus housing expanded, and university enrollment increased, while elsewhere in the city population stayed measurably the same.

Each ward in the city has a Neighborhood Planning Assembly (NPA), and Ward 8 will have one also. Members of stakeholder groups and residents who live in the new Ward 8 will be gathering to elect an interim steering committee for their NPA on May 13. They will discuss issues governed in by-laws, and plan for the first official Ward 8 NPA meeting in September.

Preserving small ward democracy in Burlington maintains door2door campaigning that energizes civic participation in the city. It strengthens the tradition of multi-party representation on City Council, and brings a diversity of opinion to the tables of local government.

Ward 8 is the little ORANGE salamander.