October 16, 2012


Greg Roy,Ward 4:

During the [City Council Mtg 10-15-12] Cslr. Bryan Aubin left the table to inquire of me as to whether I had heard anything in the way of a response to the letter I sent concerning my friends experience when utilizing the Early Voting option at City Hall. I told him [the letter was] forwarded it to a member of the Board of Registration of Voters (Linda Chagnon, by name), and that [Lea Terhune] had previously submitted virtually identical concerns during earlier voting cycles and that the same weaknesses were still being observed.
 I sent the letter to [Lea], to my [Ward 4] City Councilors, a Ward 7 Councilor(R) Paul Decelles, an (I), Karen Paul of Ward 6, and the Mayor. I received a written response from [Lea]... That's it, just [Lea]. Tonight's inquiry by Bryan is the only proof I have that anyone else received it.
 [Lea] knows more about the history of this problem! ... in the coming days, could [Lea] bring Bryan up-to-speed on the problems that [she has] encountered or have heard about? I've brought this up with the Secretary of State already, and although he would definitely contact them and refresh their memories as to the proper handling of ballots, he also informed me that in the end he had very little power to enforce anything. If we don't enforce transparency, we don't get transparency... 

Ed. Note: Transparency? HOW ABOUT ENFORCING ELECTION LAWS? Do officials charged with implementing the law even know the law? Burlington's Board of Registration of Voters does not follow the law, Burlington's City Clerk doesn't, and the Sec of State's Office doesn't. The courts are no recourse -- the judge says "mistakes happen" and orders no remedial action (see Annette Smith story below).