September 17, 2010

Ward 7 polls increase parking to avoid congestion. Ward 4 votes at St. Marks -- congestion avoided with advance planning?

When school was getting out today, Shore Rd congestion was alarming from a safety perspective. Could orange cones -- or something -- be set out to slow traffic when children are leaving school on foot, by bike, and in cars? Perhaps an officer to slow traffic on North Ave and oversee the parking, pick up, and crossing of children?
Election day is going to be VERY congested! The St. Marks parking lot if full now with school staff, plus cars on the lawn abd lining the street. Will someone think through this well in advance of election day?

Councilor Kaplan replied that she has noticed the same, and is working with BPD, DPW, and the School Dept to manage the situation now, and on Election Day. Lt. Bovat is monitoring the situation immediately and will take appropriate action.