June 3, 2010

League of Women Voters Plan GOTV Campaign

The Champlain Valley League of Women Voters has long been concerned about the gap between the numbers of legally registered voters in the county and the number of registered voters who actually vote. In an effort to reduce the gap, the league is pleased to announce the formation of a non-partisan experimental project which it hopes will increase the percentage of registered voters who do vote, in time for the crucial November 2010 elections. Read more: 
Challenge to the League is overcoming their uninformed defense of Instant Runoff Voting (hyped as a way to increase voter turnout, it proved just the opposite), reputation for promoting old-style liberal Dem candidates, and lack of meaningful data or commitment from town clerks and the Sec of State's office. That said, the 50% majority goal of so-called voter reform advocates like Common Cause and the League of Women Voters, is meaningless show and an empty sound bite when voter turnout is so low that the difference between 40% and 50% insignificant. Turning their energy and effort away from IRV, toward increasing voter turnout, is admirable. It shows they really care about participatory democracy. It remains to be seen whether they will do old-style GOTV (focus on promoting their followers, their candidates and their ideology), or design a campaign that respects democracy and political diversity.